About Us

"We create customized hand made products"

Dandelion Dreamzz” is the collective hard work of 5 years in the making. After exploring with various materials – with successes and some failures we have become masters of our craft.

Our commitment to unique, quality, eco-friendly handcrafted products, exceptional services, honesty, and incomparable customer care will keep you coming back to us frequently.

Our Story

Why Dandelion?

Dandelions are the first blooms of Spring, a welcoming ray of hope that peeps their yellow heads out to cheer us up out of the long dreary Winter. They are in abundance, go with the wind, and they are free, without limits, and hard to stop. Their bright yellow color reminds you of a little bit of Sunshine, always bright, cheery, and happy to look at. Their seeds carrying our wishes afar, where only your dreams dare take you – before finally, it rests. The seed loses its life as a seed, only to germinate as a plant, bearing the first blooms of the Spring again.

By Dying, It Lives.

Growing up together, my brother, Cousins, and I enjoyed playing in the dandelion fields and making wishes by scattering the dandelion seeds, in the hope of living our dreams. We are here at this moment in our lives, like the wind-blown dandelion seeds, free and hard to stop, blown by life’s wind – most times gentle and occasionally intense. Like all those carefree wishes, we were blown through phases of life, facing different challenges. Many a time blowing like the dandelion seeds – over the hills and other times down into the valley, always carrying our dreams with us and always overcoming our obstacles by the grace of God. Like the seeds, we finally landed, here, at “Dandelion Dreamzz” only to germinate as entrepreneurs.

Our Dream

Creating was part of our childhood. Passing our time, we brought into existence gifts that are purely handcrafted. A ball of yarn transformed into hats, shawls, or a sweater. A spool of thread emerged as beautiful embroidered flowers. A piece of fabric turned into a stunning outfit. The crafts varied, but, the experience was continually the same – moments of joy shared by creating, then offering and receiving unique handcrafted gifts.

Our dream has always been to create and to share. We made that wish long ago. Today we have achieved our dreams after blowing (exploring) in the wind for so long. “Dandelion Dreamzz” is our way of re-living our childhood by re-defining gift giving. We want our unique, handcrafted, eco-friendly gifts to be part of your life’s moments – celebrating the memories that will linger long with you.

Gift reminds us of the giver and, of the little sunshine moments lingering in your memories as bright, cheery, and happy. Our handcrafted unique eco-friendly gifts will help you keep those moments linger in your memories longer.

Because at ‘Dandelion Dreamzz’ we make your moments become memories.